Vote for Change May 6th 2021 Sheffield People's Referendum #SHEFFREF21

At the moment, only 10 out of the 84 councillors have the power to make nearly all decisions!

Graphic showing 10 councillors with power and 74 without - let's change this!

The referendum is our opportunity to get better decisions – and to create a council that is more open and which listens and works positively with others. NO MORE RULE BY THE FEW!

Image showing the referendum question about how you would like Sheffield City Council to be run.

News & updates

Complaint about council’s referendum leaflet (and explanation)

Dear Kate Josephs

Council information leaflet to households: change of governance referendum

We consider that the council has put out inaccurate and misleading information in relation to Sheffield’s governance referendum in its leaflet delivered to Sheffield households. We laid this out in our letter to you of 9th April, and reiterated in the follow-up meeting with James Henderson on 12th April….

Alert to Beighton residents: Candidate’s election leaflet incorrect

This candidate leaflet for voters in Beighton is a gross misrepresentation of the governance referendum and its choices - in effect, the opposite of what this leaflet says is the truth. The words here also go directly against both Cabinet and council papers.We have...