Get involved

It’s Our City! is a politically-independent, community-led network of residents in Sheffield thinking, talking and working together on issues of common concern to us all.

One of these issues is making our City Council serve communities in Sheffield much better than they do.

In 2018 we developed 5 pledges that we want all our councillors to sign up to:

Rebuilding our local democracy
Listening to the experience and viewpoints of the communities of Sheffield
Supporting competent, genuine partnership with local businesses, charities and talent
Putting people before profits
Putting the values of public life into practice

During the 2018 local elections, 6 prospective councillors, from different parties, signed up to our pledges. We organised activities in these 6 wards to promote our pledges and the candidates that committed to them. At the election, 5 of the candidates were successful and became new councillors for our city. We will be encouraging and supporting them in putting the pledges they committed to into practice.

In the summer of 2018 and beyond, we are planning more activities to promote our 5 pledges. If you care about Sheffield and want to see something change, please join in!

Please follow us on Facebook page, join the conversation in our group or drop us a line to to see how you can help.