Petition for more democracy in Sheffield 2018

Our latest campaign, starting in June 2018, is to petition Sheffield Council to force them to hold a referendum on making our Council more democratic. Our petition will force the Council to hold a referendum on changing from the current ‘strong leader’ cabinet system, to a more democratic committee-type system.

In the current ‘strong leader’ system, all the decisions about our city are made by just 1 person, or 10 cabinet councillors (excluding 88% of our councillors from the decision-making process). Even the 81% of Labour councillors who are not in the cabinet, have little input, and are ordered how to vote by the leader!

We want the Council to change to a committee-based system, which is more democratic, and where all of our councillors have a meaningful say in decision-making.

Since the Localism Act of 2011 councils do not have to run under a ‘strong leader’. Some, like Reading, Sutton, Nottinghamshire, Kent, Norfolk, and Brighton and Hove have chosen to return to updated Committee-type structures, with many more examining the potential for change.

The legislation also gives power to communities to petition their Council to adopt a reformed Committee style of governance. When 5% of voters in Sheffield have signed the petition, this will force a city-wide referendum on making the Council more democratic, accountable and efficient.

For more details, please see our press release:

Before we can formally launch the petition we need to have discussions with the Democratic Services department at the Council, to ensure that our petition will be valid under the terms of the legislation. We are having these discussions during July 2018, so keep an eye out for updates or join our Facebook group: