Sheffield People’s Petition

Our latest campaign, starting on the 25th of August 2018, is to petition Sheffield Council to force them to hold a referendum on making our Council more democratic. Our petition will force the Council to hold a referendum on changing from the current ‘strong leader’ cabinet system, to a more democratic committee-type system.

In the current ‘strong leader’ system, all the decisions about our city are made by just 1 person, or 10 cabinet councillors (excluding 88% of our councillors from the decision-making process). Even the 81% of Labour councillors who are not in the cabinet, have little input, and are ordered how to vote by the leader!

We want the Council to change to a committee-based system, which is more democratic, and where all of our councillors have a meaningful say in decision-making.

Since the Localism Act of 2011 councils do not have to run under a ‘strong leader’. Some, like Reading, Sutton, Nottinghamshire, Kent, Norfolk, and Brighton and Hove have chosen to return to updated Committee-type structures, with many more examining the potential for change.

The legislation also gives power to communities to petition their Council to adopt a reformed Committee style of governance. When 5% of voters in Sheffield have signed the petition, this will force a city-wide referendum on making the Council more democratic, accountable and efficient.


We need 20,956 signatures – quite a lot. Do you want to help us to achieve our target? If so, please contact Anne Barr ( who will provide you with copies of the paper petition sheets.